Program Information

The Diversity and Inclusion Index launched in 2021, as partnership between CarriersEdge and Women In Trucking, and runs through the summer and fall each year. The program identifies trends, shares best practices, and publicly recognizes the efforts of private and for-hire fleets to diversify the North American trucking industry.

Important Dates

Tuesday after Memorial Day
Applications open
End of July
Applications close
Interview deadline
End of September
Employee surveys close
November (WIT Accelerate! Conference)
Winners announced

Specific dates for interview deadlines and winner announcements change based on each year's calendar and the scheduling of the WIT Accelerate! conference.


The Diversity and Inclusion Index is open to any private or for-hire trucking company operating 10 trucks or more in the US or Canada. Fleets do not have to be members of Women In Trucking and there's no cost to participate.

To be considered, a current employee must submit an application on behalf of the fleet, then the fleet must complete the evaluation process within prescribed timelines.

Company Application

The process starts when a current employee submits an application for the company. Only one application is required, but somebody currently working at the company has to speak up.

Company Questionnaire

Participating fleets complete an online questionnaire that collects information about company programs and policies across a variety of different categories. The specific questions change each year, based on developments and trends in the industry, but the categories remain the same:

  • Business Information
  • Current State
  • Attracting
  • Onboarding
  • Operating
  • Protecting
  • Developing
  • Balancing

While the questionnaire is updated for every edition of the program, many questions are consistent. After completing the questionnaire once, participating fleets can use their answers in subsequent years to expedite the process.

Company Interview

After the questionnaire is complete, CarriersEdge representatives conduct a follow-up interview to verify and discuss the information provided in the questionnaire. Interviews are conducted over the phone typically require 75-90 minutes to complete.

Employee Surveys

The final stage of data collection requires employees at participating fleets to complete a survey about their experiences with the company. The minimum number of driver surveys required depends on the size of the fleet. All surveys are completed online and names of participating employees are not shared with the company.

Employee surveys are much shorter than corporate questionnaires, typically requiring about 15 minutes to complete.


After the data is collected, companies are scored on their efforts, the results they're seeing, and the feedback from employees.

The top scoring companies across different categories receive recognition each year.