Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company apply for this?
If you think your fleet is making a significant effort to improve diversity in the trucking industry, this is a great way to let others know about it. There are lots of great fleets across North America, doing all kinds of creative things to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the industry, and we want to find all of them!

Applying only takes a minute - we just need to know who they are and why you think they've got a great story to tell.
Our company applied but no one has contacted us. What should we do?
When a fleet applies, our evaluation system sends a confirmation to the email address provided in the application. Occasionally, however, those messages get trapped by spam filters or there are typos in the address that prevent delivery.

We don't want anyone to miss out because a message got lost in transit, so if your fleet is listed on the participants page but you haven't received any confirmation message or login details, please contact us.
Can private fleets participate?
Yes! Anyone operating a fleet with 10 tractor-trailers or more is eligible to participate.
Where can I learn more about the recognized companies
After the winners are announced, a Final Results book is prepared, outlining the trends, notable statistics, and scores received by winning fleets in all categories. The Final Results book is distributed at the Accelerate! conference in November, and posted on this site as well.

In addition, program administrators write articles, conduct webinars, and make public presentations throughout the year, discussing the findings from each edition of the program.
How can I use the logo?
Only logos provided directly by program administrators may be used by participating fleets or sponsors. Those logos may be used in any business materials or marketing collateral, but the logo cannot be modified in any way.

Contact us for copies of the logo and usage guidelines.
Will you come and speak at my event?
In many cases, yes! A key objective of the D&I Index is sharing the great ideas uncovered in each year's edition of the program, and CarriersEdge staff do numerous public appearances each year in support of that objective.

Whether it's a radio show, podcast, conference, convention, or something else, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your needs.